About me

About me

I have been fascinated by science since an early age and I have been reading science fiction avidly since I was a teenager. This is something that I have always thought I would like to do myself.  Growing up on Dungeons and Dragons, 8-bit computers (ZX Spectrum), Dr. Who (Tom Baker!) and other really quite nerdy stuff. It’s no surprise to anyone that I now work in I.T.

Since 2016 I have been working on writing a science fiction novel set in a world of my own creation.  In my D&D days, I often used to come up with stories, maps, kingdoms and entire worlds. I have always enjoyed storytelling. This, however, represents my first serious attempt at writing an entire novel from start to finish.

For my day job, I develop software applications for a small software consultancy in the heart of Suffolk, UK.

I live with my lovely wife Samantha and our pet dog Bronte (no not named after the famous literary sisters, but the main character in the film Green Card)

Wish me luck…