New Release​ – Shadows of Nemesis – Book One

Hegemon Reign

The Hegemon Empire has reigned supreme for centuries, uncontested militarily, economically, and culturally. Self proclaimed guardians against Nemesis, the great destroyer.

Deep within the untamed feral-lands of Peldaran, seventeen-year-old Rustari yearns for adventure. But when she descends in to a forbidden ruin, she unwittingly reignites a conspiracy that has laid dormant for decades.

But, other forces are watching.

A rebellion with an enigmatic origin will exploit any advantage it can.

Others sleep in the shadows, waiting to rekindle dreams of liberty.

And some will go to any lengths to ensure that some secrets remain forever forgotten.

Soon Rustari’s life will become intertwined with the lives of two others, forcing her to confront truths about her past hidden from her since birth.

The lives of three young women collide in “Hegemon Reign”, the first instalment in the Shadows of Nemesis series, a spellbinding blend of science fiction and fantasy. Set against a backdrop where not all is as it seems and ancient secrets imperil a centuries-old stability.

A Word From The Author

Thank you for visiting!

I’m a self proclaimed sci-fi and fantasy nerd hailing from the Suffolk countryside in the UK. Although Hegemon Reign is the first book I’ve published, I’ve been writing sci-fi and fantasy stories for years, but mainly for my numerous RPG campaigns that I have run.

The next installment in the series is already in the works!

If you would like to be kept informed of progress, then please use the form below. I’ll be releasing extra material on this website, including background information, maps, and other goodies from the world of Hegemon Reign.

S. J. Halls

Writer, nerd, sci-fi, and fantasy nut

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