About S. J. Halls

Writer and self proclaimed nerd

About S. J. Halls

S. J. Halls is a software engineer, writer, and author of the novel Hegemon Reign, the first book in the Shadows of Nemesis series.

He spent his early years roaming the Suffolk countryside around the village in which he grew up. Most often on his battered BMX bike, sometimes on foot. Growing up, he became fascinated with all things space, science fiction, and computer related. Having taken in interest in pens-and-paper role-playing games as a teenager, he has always enjoyed creating new worlds and characters for others to enjoy.

After an education in computer science, he now works as a software engineer within the environmental and energy-saving sector, topics which he remains passionate about.

S. J. Halls relaxes by helping his wife create their wildlife garden, taking astro-photographs of the night sky, walking the family dog, playing role-playing games with his friends (yes, he’s still playing them now), and reading.

He is a self proclaimed nerd, and encourages everyone to “embrace your inner nerd”.